Brands we carry



In most of the last 5 decades, we’ve been thrilled to represent some of the greatest brands of bicycles in the world, and trust us, all of the current Brickheads have a few classic bikes of their own stashed out in the garage.  It’s just cool to see how the handmade Italian steel frames of the 70’s paved the way for today’s factory built carbon fiber race bikes, or how guys like Gary Fisher and Ned Overend continued to innovate and push the mountain bike envelope creating an entirely new sport.  Mountain biking and fat biking have now joined with Nordic skiing to allow us to enjoy the VASA Trail, which is accessible from the TART Trail.  You may also want to check out the Heritage Trail.  Is it any wonder Traverse City has evolved into a mecca for skiers and cyclists all over the Midwest?

Today, we are proud to represent the following brands, and you can buy with confidence, as each brand is backed by factory certified technicians, all of the best accessories, and the North’s largest parts inventory.




Brick Wheels is proud to represent the entire Trek lineup, starting with kid's bikes and ending with their legendary Carbon Fiber road and mountain bikes.  Whether you need a bike with training wheels or full suspension, Trek has the model and size for you.  Our inventory of Trek hybrids, fat bikes, E-Assist models, and a huge line up of mountain bike styles assures you of plenty of selection that are built and ready to ride.



We've represented Cannondale for many decades, and their experience building aluminum bike frames shows in their line up from top to bottom.  Great kid's bikes, innovative hybrids, cool tandems, and some of our favorite E-Assist models make Cannondale a great value for our clients.  Check out their newest  gravel bikes, too - with tons of innovation and value.  



Felt produces high quality specialty bikes for discerning riders, and Brick Wheels stocks all the best-selling Felts.  From great values in road bikes to innovative gravel models, our inventory of Felt Bicycles is wide and deep.  Jump to the other end of the spectrum, and the Big Lebowski and Outfitter E-Assist fat bikes are favorite choices for riding the trails in all seasons.  



 You may have wondered why you see so many Electra Townies around Traverse City, well we know why They are light, easy to ride, and super comfortable.  Get a single speed Townie, the 7 speed version, or even an E-Assist Townie Go and you'll be zooming around town in no time.  You can even rent one at Brick Wheels!  


A Brompton foldable bicycle can take you anywhere!  Ride it to work, fold it up and toss it in the boat or the plane, and you're ready to explore as soon as you arrive.  These quality bikes are available in a multitude of styles, colors, and options, so many of our customers custom order the Brompton of their dreams.  We've always got a few of the most popular models in stock as well, so stop by and test ride a Brompton but remember, make sure you've got a tweed jacket on!




If you are a cyclist and haven't tried out a Fat bike yet, a Rocky Mountain Blizzard might just be the ticket.  With aluminum frames, onesie drive trains, and full 4.5" wide tires, there's not much that can stop you on a Blizzard.  Slop - sand - mud - or snow - just grab an easy gear and you'll roll right over just about anything.  Come on in to Brick Wheels and take a spin!  



We've carried Haro BMX bikes for 30 years or more, and they've earned their reputation for tough, fast race bikes on BMX tracks around the country.  We've got models for all sizes and abilities that are built right and ready to race.  Check out their new mountain bikes as well, with innovative sizing and great values.  



If you need a really low step-over height to continue to enjoy cycling, then a Del Sol Cruiser might be just the bike for you.  They also feature easy shifting, comfy seats, and an upright stance.  They are a great value in single speed, multi-speed, or even E-Assist models.  Anyone can ride and enjoy the benefits of cycling on a Del Sol Cruiser.



Sun Trikes are the best value in a 3-wheel bicycle that we can find, and we've carried them for over 30 years.  They are durable, well-designed, and very safe to ride.  Lots of sizes and models means we can fit just about anyone, too.  Sun trikes are available in single speed, multi-speed, and specialty styles that can adapt to any riding need or style.  



Ask anyone who owns a custom Seven bicycle, and you'll hear words like "fastest bike I've owned, lightest, and best fitting bike I've ever owned", along with a big smile, of course.    Most are special ordered after a session on our Serotta Size Cycle to insure a perfect fit.  It's the pinnacle of bike ownership, and a real treat for any serious rider.  




If you need a versatile and affordable foldable bicycle, our line-up of Dahon models has you covered.  They are light weight, fit a wide variety of riders, and are super easy and comfortable to ride.  Perfect for the camper, the boat, or even just a vacation condo with limited storage space, a Dahon gives you the freedom to roll at a moments notice.