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Bike Repair & Service

Bike Repair & Service

What sets the service team at Brick Wheels apart is the commitment to decades of professional repair and the quality we provide. It starts with our experienced, factory-trained technicians, with more parts at their disposal than any other shop in Traverse City. Our pledge to you - whether you are building a carbon-fiber race bike or simply need a flat repaired on your city commuter bike - honesty, accuracy, and value.
You may have noticed that every bicycle coming in for service gets put into a stand and its total needs are analyzed. That’s so our technicians can assess your bike thoroughly and recommend what services will fit your needs best. You will leave with an accurate estimate of the services requested with no surprises.
If you’ve owned your bike for a few years, or are beginning to experience issues with your bike, consider these tune-up options below. All quotes include all labor, but do not include parts necessary to return your bike to “as-new” condition. Of course, we’ll return any used parts if you wish, and properly recycle those you want to trash.

Tune-Up Package Options

For the most complete service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our packages below. We also offer a la carte bike repairs if you're in need of a minor fix or adjustment. Learn more about our packages or visit us today for your free estimate.

Fundamental Bicycle Tune-Up


Lubricate Drive Train

Torque All Fasteners

Align and Adjust Brakes

Align and Adjust Shifting

Adjust Headset

Adjust Bottom Bracket

Adjust Wheel Bearings

On-Bike Wheel True for Minor Corrections

Wipe Down--including Wheels and Tires

Performance Bicycle Tune-Up


Fundamental Tune-Up plus:

Bike Wash and Dry

Wheels and Tire Scrub with Brake Residue Clean

Remove and Clean Drive Train

Off Bike Wheel Spoke Tension and Wheel True

Comprehensive Bicycle Tune-Up


Performance Tune-Up plus:

Complete Disassembly Down To Frame

Replace Cables and Housing (Parts Not Included)

Overhaul Bottom Bracket

Overhaul Headset

Overhaul/Inspect Free Hub & Wheel Bearings

Drivetrain Clean & Premium Lubricant

TLR Recharge

Mountain Overhaul

Hardtail $229
Full Suspension $399

Complete Disassembly Down to the Frame

Replace Cables and Housing (Parts Not Included)

Overhaul Bottom Bracket

Overhaul Headset

Drivetrain Clean & Premium Lubricant

Off Bike Wheel Spoke Tension and Wheel True

Fork Interval Service

Shock Interval Service

Inspect & Replace All Suspension Bearings

Hydraulic Lever Bleed

TLR Recharge or Install

Shop Local. Contact us to schedule your bike service or repair today.