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Improve Your Comfort & Performance With Professional Bike Fitting

In large part, your comfort and efficiency while cycling depend on how your bike fits. The better the fit, the better you feel on your bike, and the longer and faster you will ride. Simply choosing the correct frame size may be good enough for many casual cyclists because today, there is a huge adjustment range built into many bikes. Road bikes remain the one category that must have, at minimum, an existing bike fit due to the aggressive nature of this position dictated by aerodynamics and length of time in this position.

This is why Brick Wheels includes at no charge a fit with every road bike purchase. Our staff has undergone extensive "fit" training and are well qualified, trained, and many are even certified professionals, but all are equipped with the latest fitting tools and technology. One of the most underrated tools a shop like Brick Wheels possesses is a knowledgeable staff of experienced cyclists.  After all, a paintbrush is just a paintbrush in the hands of an amateur. Fitting tools in the hands of our qualified and experienced professionals are priceless. 

We’ve also learned that bicycle fit changes over the years as we age, so even if you were properly fit a decade (and a few pounds) ago, stop in and find out how you can be even more comfortable today with a custom fit bike.

Bike Fit Options

Whether you’re on a brand new bike or you’re looking to shave seconds off of your next race time, you can benefit from a professional bike fit. Learn more about our fit services and schedule your appointment today.

Existing Bike Fit


Optimize your position on your existing bike. The smallest changes can be phenomenally beneficial. Seat position, bar position, basic cleat alignment, and individual preferences are all examined. It's amazing what we can do for you.

Reference Bike Fit


This service is a comprehensive, individualized assessment based on precise measurements and biomechanical analysis. 

The procedure is performed with our sizing machine, that finds the ideal position for you outside the confines of specific frame geometry.

The Reference Fit includes: A comprehensive rider interview, followed by body measurements and a cycling assessment utilizing video analysis. 

Cleat Fit


Let us find the appropriate knee and foot position for optimum comfort and performance.

Your Cleat Fit includes shoe fit, stance assessment and cleat fore/aft adjustment using the Rotational Adjustment Device pedals. Ride your own bicycle on a trainer and feel what a proper alignment can do for you.

Time Trial / Triathlon Fit

Existing Fit $175
Reference Fit $275

Performed as either a Reference Fit or an Existing Bike Fit.

This fit focuses on the specific biomechanical and functional improvements associated with sitting in the time trial position. Upper body alignment to aero bars and some aspects of frontal displacement are examined in addition to the other services offered in the Reference and Existing Bike Fits.

Shop Local. Contact us to schedule your bike fit today.