Ski Tuning

Race Proven Ski Performance

Brick Wheels Tech Center is one of the most complete, well stocked service departments in the country. Our investment in state of the art tools insures precise, accurate and timely care of the equipment that you've trusted to our care. Our technicians have mastered Alpine, Nordic, and Snowboard tuning and take pride in providing timely, affordable service.  As equipment becomes more technical and complex you can rest assured out techs are ahead of the curve when it comes to knowledge and expertise.  

Stone Grinding - Nordic Skis

Today, the Fischer skis we sell come very nicely prepared from the factory, but with a very generic grind.  At Brick Wheels, we have refined our grinds specifically for Midwest conditions and Nordic speeds, and they are race proven as the fastest Nordic skis in Michigan.

Our Wintersteiger Micro 1 stone grinder can replicate any stock factory base pattern, but only experienced and skilled technicians can make your skis even faster than stock with a custom Brick grind.  Proper base structure is the very basis for fast skis and fast times! 

Stone Grinding Alpine Skis

Modern shape skis require precise edge bevels to perform at their peak, and of course, flat bases for consistent glide.  The grinds our technicians produce are specifically designed and researched for Midwest snow and humidity conditions, and our Wintersteiger Micro 1 stone grinder allows us to reproduce all of the best Alpine grinds consistently.  Side edge beveling as requested is also included, so your skis perform at their peak every time. 

Hot Boxing - Alpine and Nordic Skis

For years when everybody was just talking about hot boxing, Brick Wheels was already doing it!  Finish your Tune-Up with one of many waxing options, but for the ultimate absorption and adhesion, put your skis in our hot box overnight - it’s just like ironing wax into your skis for 8 hours.  Have the best prepared skis every time, and get used to waiting for your friends at the top of the hill!