Stand Up Paddleboards

Get out on all our beautiful lakes, rivers, or even Grand Traverse Bay on a great Mauna Loa SUP from Brick Wheels.  Yeah, we know, you can buy cheap roto-molded or inflatable boards almost anywhere, but beware - there is a difference!  Our custom Brick Wheels rental boards are built specifically for freshwater use, purposely buoyant so they are stable for the whole family.  Designed for us in Hawaii, they are built with a traditional surf construction, utilizing a polystyrene core and hand formed using in the best marine epoxy.  What does that mean for you?  Try a lighter, stiffer board that is easier to handle on dry land and is way faster through the chop. 

Your rental includes a quality, adjustable length paddle, board leash, and a pfd.  We also have roof racks to rent or buy for transport, or if you wish, we can arrange local delivery when renting multiple boards. 

SUP package*
  • 24 Hours: $40
  • Weekly: $200
  • 24 Hours: $10
  • Weekly: $50
soft rack
  • 24 Hours: $20
  • Weekly: $100
  • 24 Hours: $5
  • Weekly: $25

*SUP package includes board, paddle, vest & leash