Bicycle Accessories

Brick Wheels rents more than just bikes! We want your rental experience to be just like riding your own bike back at home. Whether you need a trailer or travel case, the staff at Brick Wheels can help you determine what you need for your bike excursion. The accessories listed below are available for rental individually or in addition to one of our bike rentals!


Burley Cub trailers will keep the little ones tucked safetly behind you for your family rides.  Of course, we've got helmets for the wee ones as well at No Charge.  


For those who want to participate a little more, but may not be able to go the distance alone.  This pull behind tandem has independent pedaling making it great for bigger kids. 

Transportation Rack

Want to take your bike to the cottage for the weekend?  We have the car rack that will help you get it there and back.

Travel Case

Going out of town? Use our Travel Case to travel with your own bike.  Airline approved!

  • 4 hours: $15
  • Daily: $20
  • Weekly: $100
  • 4 hours: $15
  • Daily: $20
  • Weekly: $100
Transportation rack
  • Daily $20
  • Weekly: $100
thule roof box
  • Weekly: $25
Travel case
  • Weekly: $25
  • Daily: $50
  • Weekly: $250