Stand Up Paddleboards

Standup Paddleboards - Standups- SUP's - by any name are a great fitness investment, and useful in so many ways.  It's a great core workout, blends well with cycling to round out your fitness, and is just plain fun!  Whether it's a gentle paddle on a calm morning, a spin down the Boardman, a wild ride on Lake Michigan, or a sunset paddle with a friend, the pure glide and organic fun of a standup paddleboard are hard to beat. 

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We are thrilled to work with the folks at NSP "New Surf Project" from Hawaii, where, yes, they know a thing or two about surfing and paddling.  They came to the Midwest with several designs for boards designed specifically for fresh water, with a bit more bouyancy and an ultra-stiff traditional construction featuring a polystyrene core and marine epoxy shell.   One paddle and you'll feel the difference between a cheap roto-molded board or those inflatibles available at Wally World.  A NSP board is lighter and stiffer, so it's faster through the chop and easier to handle on dry land.  The whole family can use the same board, and many of our customers report some great alone time, whether it's paddling with the dog or getting in some quality water yoga time.  

Brick Wheels has all the paddles, PFD's, leashes, and cargo straps you'll need, as well as a full line up of car racks, including the Thule racks that'll carry everything you play with.  If you've got friends in town, we've even got rentals available so everyone can paddle together.  Get out on all our beautiful lakes, rivers, or even Grand Traverse Bay on a great NSP SUP from Brick Wheels.