cross country skiing


Don't hibernate this winter....get out and enjoy this beautiful area we live in and cross country ski your way through the winter months. Whether it’s a few fast laps at the VASA trail, a long quiet tour out in the Sleeping Bear National Park, or a few quick tele runs down the slopes out back, Brick Wheels stocks the gear to maximize your fun.  The benefits of Nordic skiing are well known, and with the wide variety of options for trails in the area, there’s a low impact, whole body workout that engages every major muscle group just waiting for you!  Nordic skiing improves balance and is a great way to burn calories.  And if that isn't enough, did you know that XC skiers have approximately twice the cardiovascular and muscle fitness as non-skiers?   So, let’s get out there this winter and enjoy the snow!

SKATE – We’re blessed in Traverse City with groomed skating lanes in all directions, so if you want a low-impact, high-aerobic workout that is a ton of fun, try out skis like the Fischer SCS or RCS paired with a Salomon Equipe boot.  Better yet, we’ve got most all the top models available to rent, so you can try before you buy.  Already hooked?  Check out the Speedmax skis, available in a wide variety of flex points, for perfect fit and a revolutionary cold-bonded base for better wax adhesion. 

CLASSIC – We’ve sold Fischer classic racing skis for decades, since our local pal (and still fast) Milan was one of the young racers….and we’ve got the inventory and the expertise to fit you right.  You’ll be fitted with your own body weight flexing the actual skis you purchase to insure peak performance.  If you’re looking for a great general purpose in-track ski, try the Fischer RCS or SCS Classic, also available in the new skin version. 

TOURING – Traditional length touring skis like the E-99 and Superlight are being given a run for their money by a new generation of mid-length skis like the Jupiter Control and the super-versatile Spider 62 with steel edges.  We stock NNN, SNS, and NNN-BC boots in a wide range of sizes. 

BACKCOUNTRY – Wider skis with modern sidecut and mountain flex allow a skilled skier to navigate any terrain, even when it gets a little icy or crusty.  Favorites like the S-Bound 98 and 125 have a no-wax base, with the option to add clip-on climbing skins for fast ascents.  The new NNN BC Backcountry boots are super warm and give you plenty of edge control. 

YOUTH – We stock traditional no-wax skis for kids from 2-12, along with youth skating skis and a versatile combi race boot from Fischer for a young racer.  Package them all together and save 10%!