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Fischer Excursion 88 Crown/Skin

Fischer Excursion 88 Crown/Skin
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Backcountry skiers looking for the benefits of a slightly wider ski have the perfect choice with the Excursion 88. Nordic Rocker, steel edges, and Offtrack Crown enable steady progress. Quickly adding Easy Skins flattens out the uphills.

The Easiest Way to Attach Climbing Skins
A combination of adhesion and click-in-place for reliable grip and straightforward attachment and removal. The material mix of mohair and nylon glides perfectly, is very durable and grips particularly well.

Speed Grinding
Universal stone grinding for perfect gliding properties in all snow conditions.

Nordic Rocker Camber
Slightly opened ski tips for perfect gliding properties in unprepared terrain. Enables lighter turning with less effort.

Steel Edge
Narrow steel edge along the entire length of the ski. Guarantees constant edge contact on every surface.

Air Tec Steel Edge
Air channels combined with new, very light wood types. Weight-optimized core for steel edge skis.

Offtrack Crown & Easy Skin
Exclusive climbing system combination for steel edge skis. If Offtrack Crown no longer grips in steep terrain, it's time for Fischer Easy Skin. Like a switch-on all wheel drive.


Recommended Use Touring
Ski Type Classic
Tip Width 88mm
Waist Width 68mm
Tail Width 78mm
Edge Steel
Core Wood
Base Sintec
Weight (pair) 2280g (179cm)

* Subject to change without notice.