Meet the Team

Tim Brick was born in Traverse City, just 3 blocks from his store, so he likes to say that in all these years, he hasn’t made it very far.  His favorite local ride?  It might be a quick zip out Old Mission, but when he’s got the time, it’s hard to beat the Leelanau Trail, with a loop over to Leland or Glen Arbor.  Tim has lived near the base of Lake Leelanau for a long time, so he knows all the good routes to get around the county.  Tim was one of the founders of the TART Trail system, was instrumental in bringing mountain bike racing to the area, and has supported the local cycling and nordic skiing clubs in Traverse City for over 4 decades.  On any given sunny Sunday afternoon, you may find Tim out for a paddle on East Bay or the Boardman, and on Friday nights in the fall, Tim will be over at Thirlby Field rooting on the Gladiators.  Tim has a BS in Recreation from the University of Montana - the other U of M as he likes to call it - and serves on numerous boards and committees that preserve and promote the region he calls home. 


Kristi Messing has almost 42 years of accounting and management experience, and has been here at Brick Wheels ALMOST as long as Tim.  In her spare time during the warmer months, you’ll find her at Fountain Point on Lake Leelanau, where she rows in a Masters 8 boat that is quite competitive on the local scene.  An avid walker and hiker, she also enjoys paddle boarding, gardening, reading, and most of all - spending time with her kids and 4 beautiful grand daughters.  Kristi’s favorite paddle is to put in at Haserat Beach, and with calm water, she’ll easily make it to Elk Rapids and back.  Her favorite hike has to be Pyramid Point, because that view from the top just never gets old. 

Betty Clement has worked at Brick Wheels since 1996, and is often mistaken for her daughter’s sister.  When she isn’t playing with her grandchildren, she loves a TART Trail or Leelanau Trail cruise on her Trek Dual Sport.  Living out near the VASA Trail, she also loves to hike and prefers snowshoeing in the winter.  Betty is a lifelong Traverse City native who grew up just a short distance from Brick Wheels, so it’s just a quick TART trail spin right over to Mom’s house for lunch.  She is an expert at keeping Brick Wheels properly stocked, and takes a personal interest in making sure all our customers receive the care they deserve. 


Matt Mulligan is our resident extreme sport guru, and trust me, there are a lot of younger local riders who are still wondering how old he really is.  Matt has test driven more extreme sports that Chuck Yeager flew planes, and if it flies, floats, glides, jumps, spins, or paddles, Matt probably excels at it.  He’s conquered the Iceman, the VASA, M22 Challenge, and would do them all in one day if he could.  His motto - “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. He once wrote his name on Strava while kite boarding, and when Jonathan Goldsmith, Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” tried to hang with him, he had to go home and take a nap.  Matt’s favorite Trail is either Arcadia or the VASA single track, and his current favorite Bike has to be his Trek Farley. 


Karl Friesen first hung out at Brick Wheels while still in high school, and on vacation up north at their family cottage.  Karl was a member of the Beck’s Mustard Cycling Team back in the day, and began working at Brick Wheels in 2005.  He's a die-hard road biker and an avid Alpine skier, with just enough Nordic skiing and mountain biking thrown in to stay on top of his game.  Karl has a deep knowledge of our product lines, and takes a lead role in keeping our shop up to date and properly stocked.  Karl’s four-legged girl Sadie is often our “greeter” at the shop, and Karl has 4 other dogs at home as well.  His favorite SUP paddle is on East Bay from 4 Mile to Deepwater Point.  Favorite road ride…HHHMM tough to pick just one, but probably an early morning in the hills of Antrim County around Torch Lake. Karl works hard to not have a favorite bike, but to sample them all like a giant smorgasbord of 2-wheel fun.


Becky Morin has been a key Brickhead since 1999.  She excels at knowing our full product line, both summer and winter, and is always energetic and eager to assist.  Becky enjoys evening rides on her Trek Dual Sport bicycle around Acme and Traverse City, and is super grateful for the TART Trail that connects all the way into Traverse City.  Becky really likes her Fischer Spider 62’s in the winter, enjoys SUP touring in the summer.  Come on in to Brick Wheels, and Becky will help you find the equipment that is right for you. 



Levi Kyser has been a Brickhead since 2000, and has become one of the “go-to” mechanics in Traverse City since then and has never looked back.  He has a passion for mountain biking, in particular downhill events, where he's placed in the top ten in several national races.  He’s done some Iceman racing cross country style, and excels at Slalom also, but he’s happiest in mid-air on a sweet trail or in the park.  Levi is a guy who can still do it all, and all on one bike.  Levi is a Trek Certified mechanic who does a great job of being thorough and careful as he repairs your favorite bike.  Levi dreams daily of spending time at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland, grabbing lots of vertical with his kids.   


Dwy Drobena has been an extreme sports lover his entire life.  A native of Benzie County and the Frankfort area, Dwy cut his teeth skiing and snowboarding at Crystal Mountain, and was an avid skateboarder through high school.  Once he found 2 wheels, he never looked back, and it was actually Levi who spotted Dwy riding his Eastern Slash home one evening, and after stopping and bike chatting, they hooked up to ride and have been ripping it up ever since.  Dwy is a fully Certified Trek Technician who does a fantastic job of analyzing his customer’s needs and providing quality service every time.


Kyle Lawrason  was born and raised right here in Northern Michigan. Growing up just down the road from Nubs Nob, he's been skiing and snowboarding there since he could walk. In high school, he enjoyed being part of the Harbor Springs Snowboard team and also competed in the Michigan Mountain Bike Associations Championship Point Series. Kyle provides a fine home to Layla, a rescue pup from hurricane harvey in Houston. In his spare time he likes to go mountain biking, hiking, or just getting outdoors and enjoying what our beautiful area has to offer.  Our customers appreciate Kyle’s wide knowledge of all the sports we sell at Brick Wheels, and he’s always ready to help out.  In addition, he handles a lot of our web and social media work, we really appreciate his talents. 


Bob DeKorne has been a Brickhead since 1979, and riding bikes since 1959.  He helped Paul Glynn build both of our most recent stores, including our current location on East Eighth Street.  Bob was one of the reasons we began selling Alpine skis in the 1880’s, and was an early advocate of ski base service utilizing a stoned grinders, and since those early days, we’ve sent hundreds of Nordic racers to the podium on fast Brick Wheels tuned skis.  Bob is married, with 3 great kids, and enjoys life in rural Leelanau County with a few horses, rides donkeys, and chickens around to keep him busy.  If there is any spare time, you’ll find Bob performing with Blind Dog Hank, skiing, riding the Heritage Trail, or building custom electric guitars at Pyramid Point Custom Guitars.  Among his favorite bikes are his original Gary Fisher Clunker, a mountain tandem his wife Kiersten has dubbed “The Marriage Test”, and that new e-bike that is definitely in his future. 


Chris Wanger has been a Brickhead for three years. He is a transplant from Virginia and having grown up nestled against the Blue Ridge Mountains he developed a deep love for mountain biking, road cycling, running and hiking. Chris is an experienced bike shop employee having worked in shops for years. He has a wide knowledge of all things bikes and fitting and is always happy to share this knowledge to help people get more involved in the sport he so dearly loves. Currently his favorite bike to ride is his Trek Stache. He loves to ride from work and put it through its paces at Copper Ridge trails behind the Commons. Chris is always ready with a smile and a warm greeting so if you see him at the shop or around town, be sure to give him a hello.




 Ethan Przekaza Was Born and raised Benzie County. Like most that work in this industry He has enjoyed everything outdoors. As a kid he camped, biked, and hiked a ton. After High School he Graduated from Northern Michigan University with a BFA. While living there he really fell in love with Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, and his future wife. After that he moved to Denver, CO where he started working in bike shops and spent his spare time up in the mountains. After living there for 6 years he was drawn bach to the area like most people that were raised here. He has since worked at the cyclery in Glen Arbor and has been with us since 2018. He has been a great addition to our service department and always has a positive attitute. His goal is to make your service experience a good one!











Chris Cortwright Was Born in Ann Arbor and moved to Traverse City in 2nd Grade. As a kid he rode a lot of BMX. In his spare time he likes to paint, snowboard, and dirt jump. His favorite local spots to go are the commons or skate park. He dabbles in graphic design and has aspirations to go back to school for architecture. Chris has been with us since 2019. He is one of our valued service techs. He always has a smile on and is ready to help!







Matthew Sayre









Evan Coulter Has been with us since 2019. He is a member of NORTE Youth cycling program. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and riding.






Ayden Shore was born in Austin Texas but was raised in Traverse city. Even Though he is from Texas, he is allergic to humid climates all over . He is a lover of the outdoors and anything in between. He has been biking since 03’ and has been racing with the Hagerty Cycling team for three years. In the summer you can find Ayden camping in the UP and when you can’t find him he’s probably bikepacking over michigan. In the winter he will be skiing with the Vasa juniors and skiing at hickory hills with his friends. Ayden has a deep knowledge of the products that we carry and loves helping out with as much as he can. Ayden’s favorite type of ride is one where he can’t find his way home. If you ever need any help you can always come in on Saturdays because he spends the week at school, but during the summer you can always find him