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The Trek Farley: Fat Bike Fun All Year Long

There’s a reason we don’t call the Trek Farley a fat bike and not a snow bike. That’s because fat bikes are a blast to ride all year long. While you might start out riding your fat bike in the snow, we’re willing to bet you put in plenty of miles on the Farley well after the winter hits the rearview mirror.

The Basics

The 2022 Trek Farley line-up includes three complete builds and two frameset options.

  • Trek Farley 9.6
  • Trek Farley 7
  • Trek Farley 5

The 9.6 is built on a light and tough carbon frame, which is also available as a frameset. The 5 and 7 feature rugged aluminum frames.

Trek 9.6

The 9.6 is geared for winter and racing with a rigid  Haru carbon fork, SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain and Mulefut wheels. Like all Farley models, the 9.6 has made the move to 27.5” wheels for a few years now and no models have gone back to 26”. The larger wheels offers a larger contact patch for more floatation and improved momentum; and momentum is the name of the game with fat bikes.

The 9.6 comes with 4.5” Barbegazi tires and clears up to a 4.5” tires in the rear and 4.7” tire up front.

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Trek Farley 7

Want one bike to do it all? Ride 365 with the Farley 7. Built with a Manitou Mastadon suspension fork, it’s a bike that offers year-round forgiveness in snow and dirt. In our opinion, this iteration of the bike benefits most from the Farley’s sliding horizontal dropout. Adjusting the wheelbase even a few millimeters can improve stability or emphasize snappy handling.

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Trek Farley 5

The most budget-friendly fat bike is the Farley 5. Trek hung some burly Shimano parts on the same aluminum frame as the 7 to offer a monster truck of a fat bike for under $2K. You can totally shred on this bike. With fat bikes, you tend to pay a lot to save a pound or two, and fat bikes are about stability, fun and adventure, not straight power to weight.

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How Much Does A Trek Farley Weigh?

The Trek 9.6 weighs approximately 28.67 pounds out of the box. The Trek Farley 7 and Trek Farley 5 are both roughly 32 pounds. The most effective place to shave weight on a fat bike is by upgrading to carbon wheels when you’re ready!

Is A Trek Farley Good For Bikepacking?

They sure are! The wide 4.5” tires provide excellent floatation in snow or sand, even when you’re loaded down. We’ve always got a nice supply of frame bags, panniers, and other bikepacking necessities to ensure you’re rolling with everything you need.

Get Winter Rolling (And Ride Year Round) With A Trek Farley

Brick Wheels wants you to love winter. Whether it’s riding fat bikes, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing, we’ve got what you need to get outside and enjoy winter in Northern Michigan. We’re Traverse City’s first stop for winter sports gear! Check out a Trek Farley today.

See What Fat Bikes Are All About Before You Buy!

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