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No Way! My gear isn't getting any older....

It’s human nature to have the tendency to hope our favorite gear will last forever - and if not forever - at least as long as we do!  While much of the wear and tear on cycling equipment  comes from miles, there are safety factors with the age of components to be aware of as well.

We all know rubber degrades over time, and while you can’s stop it, you can slow it down a bit with quality indoor storage, cleaning and conditioning products, and maintaining proper pressure.  If you can’t remember servicing your bike tires….it’s time to replace them.  

Plastic parts also degrade after time, and although most today are far better than a few decades ago, you need to pay attention to the cleats on your favorite shoes at least annually.  How about your bike helmet?   Most manufacturers suggest replacement after 5 years, or certainly after any sharp impacts or other damage.   Bike racks that stay on all summer really take a UV beating, so beware the rubber parts and straps here too.

The biggest problem with deteriorating gear is:  Life’s Too Short to waste a day of riding! 


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