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Cross Country Ski Rentals

Cross Country Ski Rentals in Traverse City

Cross country skiing is one of the healthiest recreational activities for both body and soul. You can enjoy the beauty of nature with its towering trees, and snow-covered meadows while silently gliding over the snow. With miles and miles of public trails in Grand Traverse County and Northern Michigan, Traverse City is a Nordic skiers nirvana. 

Brick Wheels stocks state-of-the-art Fischer Nordic ski equipment to rent. All of our ski rentals are expertly waxed for current conditions by our service techs. Our Fischer skating fleet is the largest in the area and includes many of the models you might like to try before you buy in a full range of flexes and sizes. We even have both classic and skate packages to rent for the kids.  

For a little backcountry fun, try our favorite touring skis, the steel-edged Fischer Spider 62’s. Don’t forget a trail map and a Clif Bar to make your day on skis in Traverse City memorable.

Reserve Your Cross Country Skis

Please call us to make your reservation. This is the best way to ensure that we have the gear you need ready for you in the correct size and style as soon as you arrive! See why we're the most trusted ski shop in Traverse City.

Jr Cross Country Package

Daily Rate: $20

Weekly Rate: $100

Adult Cross Country Package

Daily Rate: $30

Weekly Rate: $150

Performance Cross Country Package

Daily Rate: $35

Weekly Rate: $175

Jr Skate Package

Daily Rate: $25

Weekly Rate: $125

Adult Skate Package

Daily Rate: $35

Weekly Rate: $175

Elite Skate Package

Daily Rate: $45

Weekly Rate: $225

Shop Local. Contact us to schedule your cross country ski rental today.

Cross Country Skiing FAQs

Why rent cross country skis? Renting is a great way to learn what type of equipment you prefer and get insight on how to dress, where to sku, and waxing tips. Staffed with a team of seasoned XC skiing fanatics, we can make sure your next set of skis are perfect and ready just for you. Give us a call or stop by the store this winter to make sure all your questions are answered. 

Where to cross country ski in Northern Michigan?

Rent from Brick and hit the trails in a minutes! Check out Hickory Hills and the Vasa 25km Pathway; more details below!

What size cross country skis do I need?

Cross country skis are based on your height and weight. Our staff can help you find the right size skis, boots and poles to make your day in tracks a blast!

What to wear cross country skiing?

We recommend dressing in layers that will allow you to adjust as you go. Start by dressing as if you were going for a winter run, then consider adding one more wind-breaking layer. It can take some experimentation to find out what clothing works best for you. Our staff can help you find the right cross country skiing ski to stay comfortable.

How hard is cross country skiing?

As hard or as easy as you want it to be! Skate skiing is usually more physically intense, while classic skiing can be as easy as going for a stroll. In both ski disciplines, more experience will allow you to learn techniques that make skiing easier. 

What is freestyle cross country skiing? 

Also known as skate skiing, freestyle skiing is a fast, more physically intense discipline. Skate skis have a dedicated sharp edge and looks a lot like ice skating. The technique has plenty of nuance, but it's a fun and rewarding way to enjoy winter. 

What is classic cross country skiing?

Also known as simply as Nordic skiing, classic skiing is the traditional form of skiing that dates back hundreds of years. The motion is all forward and relies on wax, special scales or "skins" to provide a sticky spot on the ski. The technique is how most skiers are introduced to the sport. 

How young can I start my kids cross country skiing?

Get the kids on skis! Cross-country skiing is a fun family activity; whenever your kids show interest, we recommend taking them for short skis around the yard or a nearby park to help them learn. 

Are you ever too old to learn cross country skiing?

You're never too old to learn to ski! Cross country skiing is an excellent way to stay active, meet other adults and become a part of a tight-knit community.

Places to Cross Country Ski in Northern Michigan

Renting cross country skis from Brick Wheels puts you in the perfect position to ski several groomed trails nearby! Make sure to plan your cross country ski trip with plenty of time to hit these trail systems. There is excellent cross country skiing near Traverse City; here are the closest spots:

Hickory Hills 

Located just three miles from Brick Wheels, Hickory Hills offers both cross country and downhill skiing for the whole family. Enjoy 10km of groomed trails plus a 1K lit loop. 

Location: 2000 Randolph Street, Traverse City, MI 49686

Vasa 25km Pathway

A short 6 mile drive from the shop, the Vasa Pathway is the home of cross country skiing in Traverse City. Choose your adventure with 3km, 5km, 10km and 25km loops or mix routes to make it your own. The Vasa is groomed every time it snows by experienced volunteers from TART. It's also home to the famous North American Vasa, which offers ski, snowshoe and fat bike races every February. 

Location: 4450 Bartlett Road, Williamsburg, MI 49690