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Brick Wheels and Thule

Like Brick Wheels, Thule has been around a long time and is the world market leader in vehicle racks.  We started fitting Thule racks to your Ford Pintos and Chevy Chevettes back in the 80’s, and today, we’re fully stocked and ready to fit your new cars.  As one of their best dealers, Brick Wheels takes note when Thule comes out with new rack solutions. If there is a better, safer and easier way to carry cargo, we have it - and for decades, Thule has never disappointed us with their selection or quality.   As one of Michigan’s premier rack installers, Brick Wheels is all about making things better and easier for all of our rack customers.

For 2019, Thule is making it easier to install and use their roof racks. While we all agree that hitch mounted bike carriers are the chosen solution for most bike transport, there are limitations - especially if you also plan to carry your stand-up board or a cargo box with skis? Ah! Roof racks do it all - plus your bikes - for camping and multi-sport getaways.  

The new 2019 Wingbar Evo crossbars are the quietest and easiest to both install and take off of any Thule crossbars to date. And they look like they belong on your vehicle instead of like a bad plumbing job. You can switch from bike mounts to kayak carriers and back to ski carriers in seconds without an engineering degree. That also means when not carrying toys you can take the carriers off and keep them free of bugs and improve your fuel economy. 

What about the iconic Thule square bars that have taken so many Brick Wheels customers on adventures all over North America? They are still available and even easier to install than the old versions, because the new square bars now work with all our most popular foot systems and all of your current accessories - but we think once they see them, that most of our customers will opt for the modern look of the new Wingbars.

Thule solved the issue of carrying a variety of bikes on the roof. What issue you ask? Well, maybe one of your bikes has a thru-axle, the other is a fat bike and then there is your cool Townie bike with fenders, and you want to be able to carry them all.  The ProRide XT will love em all.  You won’t ever have to worry about your brakes coming out of kilter or what to do with the front wheel, because the XT carries all your bikes without any disassembly.  

If you choose to go hitch-mount style, the major upgrade in Thule’s cradle-style hitch carriers is adding more space between your bikes for easier on/off and less contact between bikes. We are also geeked at Brick Wheels about the new Thule Access which allows you to take almost any hitch rack and be able to pivot it completely out of the way of your tailgate so you have full access (get it!) to your pickup bed or rear hatch. If you have 3-4 bikes and are on a camping trip hauling gear in and out of the back of your vehicle, you learn fast that the tilt feature on most hitch racks simply doesn’t cut it.

And finally, what may be the smartest solution of all from Thule for those of us that take our hitch rack on and off a lot and struggle with carrying or storing it. The Thule EZ Fold hitch carrier pops off the hitch with the simple turn of a dial, hops onto it’s built in wheels, and you simply roll it like a compact suitcase into the garage where it stands up all by itself. It is simply the easiest hitch rack you’ve ever seen.  And here’s the huge bonus-the EZ Folds are designed to carry E-Bikes, and have a cool ramp system so you never have to lift the bike-you just roll it onto the EZ Fold.   Even if you don’t yet have an E-Bike, you might have a riding buddy in the future that does - and eventually, you’ll want one, too.   You’ll love how well the EZ Fold carrys almost any bike you give it.

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