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Closed due to Covid-19

Brick Wheels friends and family. Out of concerns for our community, customers, and staff, we will be closed for the next couple of weeks. Please contact us via Facebook to get the quickest response if you have any questions. We regret any inconvenience this will cause.  We’re all in this together.  We appreciate your understanding! Stay safe!


Need Kyle to call or email me regarding Helium Trail hitch mount bike carrier.
-Ken Semproch
Hello Brick Wheels! I'm pricing out "value" full suspension trail bikes around town. Would like to get riding ASAP during this shutdown. I have a couple good options, but have always liked your shop and wanted to at least check in. Do you have any Fuel's or Remedy's sitting around, maybe prior model years with a discount? I'm a L frame, looking for 29er. Thanks! Stay safe!
You have a bike on hold for me. I am wondering if there is any time I can come and pick it up? I also have to be instructed on everything and have it fit to me so I am not sure that is possible at this time. I am in Grand Rapids so it will mean a trip to TC but it sure would be nice to ride during this crazy time.
-Georgiann Greemann
Would also like to drop off bike for tune up if anyone is working behind closed doors. Thanks 231-590-8211 Dave
I, too, would like to have my Trek tuned up. Maybe you can line up a couple of days work for your mechanic? 630.235.1475
I was wondering about dropping my bike off to get it’s spring tune up. I was unable to ride last year so it has been sitting. I am in no way in a rush for it to be done. If you want to call me feel free. 231-944-8083

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