Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

Don't hibernate this winter....get out and enjoy this beautiful area we live in and cross country ski your way through the winter months. The benefits of XC skiing are among the best of any sport. It is a low impact, whole body workout that engages every major muscle group, improves balance, and is a great way to burn calories.  And if that isn't enough, did you know that XC skiers have approximately twice the cardiovascular and muscle fitness  than non skiers. So, lets get out there this winter and enjoy the snow!!!


               Come see the fastest skis around!!!




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The SMALLEST Sno Bikes in TC!!!

The SMALLEST Sno Bikes in TC!!!


Turn you childs balance bike into a winter fun ride, get add on skis and hit the trails only $49.99


Welcoming Winter

Atlas and Tubbs Snowshoes......

When you want something bad enough, you make time, so go and explore.

An invitation to enjoy winter awaits. See where the trails take you and how far you can go. Enjoy snowshoes that make every minute more enjoyable and Leave The Parking Lot Behind!!


Live for the Adventure


We're your friendly, local trek dealer, but we carry these great brands too:
  • Trek
  • Cannondale
  • Haro
  • Felt
  • Electra
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Brompton
  • Giro
  • Bell
  • Shimano
  • Pearlizumi
  • Light and Motion
  • Park Tool
  • Smith
  • Bliz
  • Patagonia
  • SKHoop
  • Smartwool
  • Buff
  • TNF
  • Fischer
  • Salomon
  • Swix
  • Atlas Logo
  • Tubbs
  • Thule
  • Greenstar Bikes